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Transmission Shop

Kinney’s Tire & Auto Service offers dependable transmission services in Hurst, TX. Located conveniently, our transmission shop offers replacements, repairs, fluid checks, and comprehensive service.

How a Transmission Works

A transmission is an important part of a car’s system that helps move power from the engine to the wheels. This allows the car to move forward or backward at various speeds. It acts as a middleman between the engine’s power and how fast the wheels turn, making acceleration and slowing down smoother.

Functions of a Transmission:

A transmission does a few important things:

Changing Gears: One of its main jobs is to switch gears to match the vehicle’s speed and load. This helps the engine work efficiently at the right power level while giving enough force to move the vehicle.

Changing Speed: Transmissions have different gear options to adjust the speed. Lower gears give more power for speeding up or going uphill, while higher gears are better for going faster and using less fuel on highways.

Controlling Direction: Transmissions do more than just move forward. They also help the vehicle move backward by engaging special gears or mechanisms like reverse gear.

Types of Transmissions:

Manual Transmission: Also known as a stick shift, this type requires manual gear shifting using a clutch pedal and gear selector. It offers precise control over gear selection and is favored by driving enthusiasts.

Automatic Transmission: This transmission automatically shifts gears without driver input, using hydraulic or electronic systems. It offers convenience for everyday driving with automatic gear ratio adjustments based on driving conditions.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): This type of transmission offers infinite gear ratios, enhancing acceleration and fuel efficiency. It operates using a system of belts and pulleys to vary the transmission ratio continuously.

Transmission Services Offered

At Kinney’s Tire & Auto Service, we recognize the critical role a well-maintained transmission plays in your vehicle’s performance and durability. Here’s a closer look at the transmission services we provide:

Transmission Service

Keeping your transmission healthy and efficient is vital. Our service involves a thorough check of its components, including fluid, filter, and pan. We look for wear or damage and make necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operation. Plus, we offer fluid flushes to clean out contaminants and keep the fluid fresh for better lubrication and cooling.

Transmission Rebuild

If your transmission has significant damage or wear, a rebuild may be needed to restore it. Our skilled technicians disassemble the transmission, inspect every part for wear or damage, and replace worn components with quality replacements. Whether it’s a specific issue or a complete rebuild, trust us to do it right the first time.

Diagnostic & Maintenance Services

Experiencing transmission problems? Our diagnostics quickly pinpoint issues like slipping gears or rough shifting. With advanced equipment, we assess your transmission thoroughly to find any underlying issues. Once diagnosed, we recommend the right service or repair to get you back on the road confidently.

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