Automotive Air Conditioning Services, Hurst, TX

Air Conditioning Repair

Imagine the inconvenience of turning on the air conditioning in your vehicle for the first heat wave of the summer only for it to blow hot air in your face. It’s time to reluctantly roll down your windows and give Kinney’s Tire & Auto Service a call.

How does A/C work?

You might be asking “what makes my car blow cold air, to begin with”? The air conditioning system in your vehicle may differ from the next vehicle, but they work in similar ways; by taking the heat and moisture out of the air in your car and leaving behind cooler air. They all use similar parts too:

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser
  3. Thermal expansion valve or orifice tube
  4. Evaporator
  5. Accumulator or receiver/drier

The air conditioner is a closed-loop system that pushes refrigerant through the series of parts mentioned above.

Step 1: In the compressor, the refrigerant is heated and compressed into a highly pressurized gas.

Step 2: It is then pushed to the condenser, a radiator like system located at the front of the vehicle. It uses the air entering your vehicle through the grill to cool the refrigerant, here it is also condensed into a liquid.

Step 3: Moving to the thermal expansion valve or orifice tube, the refrigerant is decompressed causing it to become very cold.

Step 4: The cold, low-pressure refrigerant then goes into the evaporator, another radiator that works in reverse. The cold refrigerant is used to cool the warm vehicle cabin air.

Step 5: Now that the refrigerant has cooled the warm air, it turns back into a gas and is collected by the accumulator or receiver/drier, any moisture is removed from the refrigerant and it makes its way back to the compressor.

What’s the culprit?

A rough understanding of what is happening under the hood can help you understand why your air conditioner might not be working properly.

With few moving parts, the cause of warm air coming from your A/C is typically low levels of refrigerant. But as a closed loop system, this isn’t because you’ve used the refrigerant up. The loss of refrigerant is due to a leak in your system.

We’ve got you covered.

At Kinney’s Tire & Auto Service in Hurst, TX we will conduct a visual inspection and leak test to ensure that if low refrigerant is the case, all leaks are sealed. If the issue surpasses low refrigerant, our techs will run diagnostics and provide recommendations on how to proceed. With your consent we will conduct the necessary work to get you on the road in the cool car you deserve.

Take the hassle out of dealing with a malfunctioning vehicle air conditioning system by scheduling your repair appointment with Kinney’s Tire & Auto Service today! Our team of skilled technicians is ready to get your car’s A/C system running smoothly again, so you can stay cool and comfortable on the road.